Our Product

KID SIster works with the finest, organic and locally sourced AND SUSTAINABLE ingredients and products where ever possible. here are just a few of our partners.


Avalon Dairy

Certified organic. Verified delicious. We work with the good stuff. Our milk comes exclusively from Avalon dairy. Their certified organic practices mean no GMOs, antibiotics, pesticides or hormones.


Our delicious products are packed in wrappers made from Natural Plant Based Sustainable Resources that are 100% Biodegradable & Compostable. That means no plastic or toxins leaching into your treats.


Cherry Hill Orchard is a small, hobby-farm operation specializing in sweet cherry production. They grow five cherry varieties from early July through mid-August without the use of pesticides, fungicides or other chemical products. 


ReFuse Resource Recovery is a big part of our goal to be a zero-waste operation. Our composting program helps us reduce our waste, offset greenhouse gas emissions and allows recovery of the nutrient value of our production scraps.

Truly amazing ice cream and paletas and awesome new location. Lemon meringue and tiramisu ice cream were divine :) We love you Kid Sister!
— Brandi Wasyluk